2016. október 11., kedd

Dear visitor

   A very warm welcome at Alsósófalva Blog. It is a great pleasure for us to address you in your mother tongue. We would really like to help you with the summary below and thereby facilitating the net-surfing. 

   Alsósófalva is a small village in heart of Sóvidék, which constitutes an independent village community since 1803. Earlier, Alsósófalva and Felsősófalva was one locality, named Sófalva. It makes the village special not only because there are unique salt-rocks across Europe, but also because there are a lot of traditions and folkways in the village, not to mention the folk taste.

   First of all, I would emphasize the dialect making the region unique. We have tried to collect as much regional words as possible. It is available under Tájszavak (provincialism).

   We have also tried to record so many audiovisual data about the village and the community life. We have sorted it into Fotók (photos), Falurészletek fotókban (parcels of village in photos) and Videók (videos) albums.

   We post out the cultural-event invitations in the Rendezvények (events) folder. And the reports about these events can be found under Beszámolók (reports).

   Every detail is available in the left Olvasnivalók (Reading) heading. Below, it can be read the week’s most-read article, as well as all-time most read article. 

We wish you a successful and pleasant net-surfing!

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